Our Success Stories

We love sharing the successes our colleagues have had whilst working for IPRS Health. Use the arrows to read about the successes of various IPRS Health colleagues.

Our colleagues have also left us a number of positive reviews on our Indeed page which can be viewed here.

Deb's Journey...

"I love working at IPRS Health due the philosophy of the company, working in an ethical way and being supported to do that. This is also demonstrated by the leadership team and my management too. I really love how I am managed at IPRS Health as it is very different from how I have been managed before as a CBT Therapist. They truly care and believe in you and want to help you as much as possible to progress. I have seen a great improvement in my confidence as a therapist which is great but what is fantastic is that my patients get that benefit too as they recover a lot quicker due to me having more confidence in what I am doing. Working for IPRS Health has given me the belief that I make a difference to people’s lives now, which is why I started to do this job." 

Deb Hempsall-Bell
CBT Therapist

Alex's Journey...

"I joined IPRS Health in 2018 after completing my degree. It's been a fantastic company to work for to develop my career in a way I have wanted to. When I joined I had a split role working with a number of our clients, our new business and marketing. Over time the business has allowed me to specialise in an area I wanted to and has even given me the opportunity to do formal training to further enhance my skills which have led to my role being more defined as our Marketing Executive.

It is great working for a company with an ethos of helping people who also are genuine about allowing colleagues to develop and grow."

Alex Harban
Marketing Executive

Jenni's Journey...

"I started working at IPRS Health in 2012 with the Customer Service team which, at the time consisted of just 4 people.  Since then, the business has grown significantly and I’ve been lucky enough to progress to various roles including Admin Team Leader, and Operations Team Leader but for the last 5 years, I have been developing in my role as Client Relationship Manager.My job is great, and I love working with some fantastic clients as well as my colleagues to innovate the services we provide to a range of different clients, in different sectors.

IPRS Health is like an extension of my family! Such a friendly atmosphere & there is always someone to encourage you to push you out of your comfort zone to further your career within this fantastic expanding company." 

Jenni Cook
Client Relationship Manager

Ashlea's Journey...

"I joined IPRS Health in March 2019 as a customer service advisor in a split role between two departments. In 2021 I was promoted to Supervisor and in 2022 to Team Leader. The company has the ability to progress the staff by cross-working as well as promotions, which is shown with all the team leaders in the operations team. I thoroughly enjoy working at IPRS Health, I feel supported by higher management and have great working relationships with all other departments, all with the same goal of providing a fantastic service." 

Ashlea Alabaster
Insurance Services Team Leader

Emily's Journey...

Thank you so much for your support whilst I have been working with IPRS Health. It has been so lovely working alongside you and I appreciate everything you have done during my time here. It has been truly great working here, I have learnt so much and know I have grown as a therapist. Although remote, the environment has been so warm and welcoming and everyone has been a joy to work with – IPRS Health is such a special place!

Emily Davies
CBT Therapist

Sahana's Journey...

One thing I noticed immediately was how welcoming and helpful everyone was. Everyone went out of their way to accommodate me and respond to my questions with care and effort. Despite this job being remote, that warm atmosphere and attitudes I was surrounded by completely eliminated the typical work-from-home experience of navigating a virtual space while physically isolated.

When I first joined IPRS Health 8 months ago, I didn’t know what to expect; looking back, my expectations have been completely blown away. Thank you so much, from management to colleagues, for making me feel like I have been part of a broader family who truly cared about me and went out of their way to create a supportive work environment. You can also tell just how much this company wants to make a difference in people’s lives beyond just clocking in and out.

Sahana Ramachandran
CBT Therapist

Yahya's Journey...

After being here for 6 months I can testify to the fact that this organisation truly embodies staff well-being and should be an example for other organisations on how to empower, support and take care of people. I have been supported by so many different layers it’s emotional even thinking about it. My line manager is an outstanding, excellent, sincere manager who truly uplifts her team and wants the best for her team. I see her as a mentor and someone I aspire to be like in terms of her PWP work and management capabilities, she has been beyond supportive of me.

My clinical supervisor is approachable and very supportive and gave me quality time to help me be better and more confident.

I could not be more content, and happier with this family I am part of.

Yahya Delair
Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner